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Meet Magnus Hedberg – Product Team Lead Mobilaris Locating & Sensing

Magnus Hedberg is the Product Team Lead at the Mobilaris Locating & Sensing business area. His experience goes back many years, and he worked with technological development at some of Sweden’s most renowned tech companies.

Could you tell us more about your role at Mobilaris?

As a Product Team Lead, I work closely with our customers to understand their challenges and needs. It is very important to have this knowledge when you go from product development to the implementation phase later on. Right now, my focus is on Mobilaris Companion, an IoT solution developed to pinpoint the position of people, vehicles, and moving assets inside and outside industrial facilities.

What does a regular day look like for you?

I have a job with many varied tasks, and every day differs from the other. But usually, my duties include everything from development and testing to hardware and product production discussions.

Do you work in teams or on your own?

I work in teams with six to eight other collegues, and we usually meet at the Mobilaris Innovation Center. But the company has a flexible approach, and we can work from home when necessary as long as it works for us as a team.

What is the best about your job?

I love when our team takes on a new challenge and put our minds together to find an innovative solution. We often work at a fast pace where everyone help each other. It’s also great to be able to get involved in different kind of projects – from hardware development to cloud services and live testings at the customer’s site.

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