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Meet Kristoffer Ödmark – Product Team Lead Mobilaris Industrial Solutions

After first studying to become a pilot, Kristoffer found his true passion within software development and embedded systems. Today, he is a Development Team Lead at Mobilaris, responsible for designing and developing one of our digital products.

How did you find your interest in tech development?

I studied Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, specializing in microcontroller technology. But it took me a while to find my calling, and I first began studying to become a pilot and later chemical engineering. Since my graduation, I have worked as a research engineer and consultant and started my own tech company, eventually becoming a part of Mobilaris.

What do you do as a Development Team Lead?

I collaborate closely with customers, suppliers, and our development team to ensure the product solves the identified problems. I also focus on developing the basic systems and the architectures behind the product. It’s always good to see that your work impacts both the development and the customers.

What makes you happy at work?

I enjoy seeing that not only me but also my team is moving towards a common goal. So when I look up from my desk and development work, I am a part of something bigger, and It motivates me to keep going!

Finally, what makes Mobilaris so special?

We always listen to each other, and everybody is welcome to contribute with new ideas or feedback. And of course, we have all the equipment we need to take our work to the next level, and top modern facilities filled with good people! 

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