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Meet Elvira Forslund – Student resource development projects

Say hi to Elvira Forslund! She has finished her third year in the Computer Science and Engineering program at the Luleå University of Technology. In 2022, she carried out her project work at Mobilaris, and since then, she has continued as a valuable resource in development projects alongside her studies.

How is it to work at Mobilaris as a student?

It is a great opportunity to work with such a well-established company as Mobilaris. I have been able to apply my studies to actual work and solve real problems, which has been a valuable experience. The people at Mobilaris always made us feel welcome and as a natural part of the team.

Tell us about your project works!

During the summer of 2022, six fellow students and I worked with Mobilaris to analyze, test, and evaluate possible solutions for a new product. We spent much time at the Mobilaris Innovation Center, where we had our very own office area. We later presented the result as a written report and a presentation for the whole company.

This summer in 2023, I’m working on an interesting project on seamless integration of Mobilaris Prevent and new positioning solutions.

What are you doing in your spare time?

I love to be outdoors and experience Luleå by skiing, skating, or walking along the ice road. I’m also active in an orienteering club called OK Renen where I help organize different competitions and activities.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

First, I want to get my degree in Computer Science and Engineering. After that, I want to work for an exciting company in Norrbotten, such as Mobilaris. Combining life here in the north and exploring the world is important for me, either through assignments abroad or traveling to the company’s offices in other parts of the world.

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