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Technology from Mobilaris Industrial Solutions elevates safety during maintenance work

SSAB is a global leader in high-strength steel. At their large steel production site in Raahe Finland, with a crude steel capacity of 2.6 million tonnes, some of the world’s most advanced heavy plate and strip products are produced. Here, safety is a top priority.

Mobilaris Industrial Solutions and SSAB Raahe have successfully collaborated to enhance the safety of personnel performing maintenance operations inside a large hot metal mixer at their site. This is an advanced maintenance operation that takes a few days to conduct and needs to be done only every few years. During the maintenance work, there is a production stop in one of the metal mixers, while full production in the other runs side by side, making it important to secure safety and avoid delays.

The solution from Mobilaris, tailored as a temporary service specifically for SSAB’s needs, employs advanced real-time positioning technology to ensure that maintenance personnel don’t get too close to potentially hazardous heavy machinery when working within the metal mixer. If that happens, the personnel will get an instant automated warning through LED-lightning mounted to the person’s hard hat. The proximity warning makes the worker aware of the dangers so they can act accordingly, and thus reduces the risk of accidents. The real-time visual warning alert is made to fit the unique environment in which it would be difficult to for example hear a warning signal.

In case of potential danger, the worker receives an instant warning through LED-lightning mounted to the hard hat.

The success of the implementation of Mobilaris’ innovative solution was evident, especially in the changes in behavior. The maintenance personnel became more conscious and cautious about safety risks in their work. The safety standard was raised, and the safety culture was empowered.

“We’re happy with the results of our collaboration with Mobilaris Industrial Solutions, allowing us to improve safety during temporary maintenance work. The solution was easy to implement and use, the users hardly noticed the solution until it was needed in case of potential danger. The working conditions inside the mixer were hot and dusty, but the system tolerated it just fine,” says Eeva-Liisa Pisilä, Production Manager Refractories, at SSAB Raahe.

“At Mobilaris Industrial Solutions, we strive to make industrial workforce safety and efficiency effortless. We’re proud to work with SSAB, as they also have a very strong safety focus and see the potential in taking safety to new levels by making use of new technology,” says Viktor Linde, Head of Site Coordination at Mobilaris Industrial Solutions.

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