News | 05.03.24

Mobilaris Industrial Solutions and WiTTRA Networks in unique collaboration to transform asset and material tracking

At industrial and construction worksites, a significant amount of valuable time is today wasted searching for materials, tools and equipment needed to get work done effectively. This harms timeline and budget of critical projects, as well as capital utilization. At industrial and construction worksites, a significant amount of valuable time is today wasted searching for materials, tools and equipment needed to get work done effectively. This harms timeline and budget of critical projects, as well as capital utilization.

To address and solve these challenges, Mobilaris Industrial Solutions and WiTTRA Networks have joined forces, combining their unique expertise and leading technologies within IoT and positioning, together launching a state-of-the-art solution for fast and easy tracking of assets and materials – all in just one click in your smartphone.

“We are excited to bring this pioneering offering for materials, tools, and equipment tracking to the market. It is an honour to collaborate with professional technology partners such as WiTTRA Networks. Together, we have developed a disruptive offer that enables companies to turn non value-added time into production,” says Mats Jakobsson, CEO of Mobilaris Industrial Solutions.

Mobilaris Flow™ powered by Wittra IoT is a product developed for industrial and construction working environments where items are stored during longer periods, sometimes also being moved around, in large indoor and outdoor areas. The product collects and stores information on where materials and equipment are located and monitors their movement and condition over time. This allows people at the site to find items easily, and use them as intended when needed, to keep projects moving forward.


  • Ensure production according to timeline and budget.
  • Operational efficiency with fewer delays and bottlenecks due to missing materials.
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Less frustration among personnel.
  • Maintenance work is managed in accordance with the plan.
  • Improved capital utilization with less waste.

“At WiTTRA, we always strive to be leading within our IoT-technology domains. We are very happy to partner up with Mobilaris Industrial Solutions, combining our unique competencies and innovative capabilities, to launch this end-to-end solution with real impact on operational efficiency. We’re looking forward to a successful collaboration and an exciting journey ahead,” says Håkan Dackefjord, CEO at WiTTRA Networks AB.

Explore Mobilaris Flow powered by Wittra IoT

For further information, please contact:

Markus Sjölund, VP, Mobilaris Industrial Solutions
Phone +46 72 526 14 41

Magnus Liljegren, Business Developer Manager, Wittra Networks
Phone: +46 72 223 24 87

About Mobilaris Industrial Solutions

Mobilaris Industrial Solutions offers solutions that elevate productivity and safety through increased awareness and coordination of people, materials, and activities in complex industrial environments.

The company’s journey journey started in 1999, with pioneering use of telecom and real-time positioning technology. Since then, the products have been applied in various industrial environments around the world with high, proven impact. Today the focus on solving safety and productivity challenges within heavy industry.

About Wittra Networks

WiTTRA Networks AB, a trailblazer in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry since its founding in 2013 , has garnered substantial recognition in the IoT industry, receiving several prestigious awards.

With a technology portfolio safeguarded by 70+ patents, WiTTRA is renowned for its comprehensive IoT solution, offering inventory visibility and real-time asset tracking that optimizes asset management and eliminates non-value-added time, even in challenging environments.

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