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Meet our new CEO Mats Jakobsson – “Joining Mobilaris at this moment in time is truly inspiring”

The story of Mobilaris has entered a new chapter. During the last week, we have gotten to know our new CEO, Mats Jakobsson, and now it is time for you to get a suitable introduction as well. In this article, Mats shares his thoughts on his newfound role at Mobilaris and what the future may hold.

Taking Mobilaris and the industry to the next level

Mobilaris’s journey has always been about solving real industry challenges through innovation and leading technology. Since the founding in 1999, our decision-support solutions have elevated safety, efficiency, and sustainability across different industry areas worldwide, such as the mining industry and public sectors. Now, we target the ongoing industrial transformation, as we want to make a true impact and contribution to a more intelligent and sustainable industry. Mats Jakobsson has been chosen as the right person to lead our journey going forward.

“I want to contribute with years of experience and valuable industry insights. During my career, I have gained a deep understanding of the common industry challenges. I’m convinced that Mobilaris’s solutions has the power to solve many of these,” says Mats Jakobsson.

Before joining Mobilaris, Mats was CEO of SSG Standard Solutions Group, leading the company through a successful growth journey and increasing innovation capacity. Mats’ industrial insights and experience, combined with the leading technical competencies and skills within Mobilaris, will be the foundation for our business expansion.

“In my previous roles, I’ve led industrial companies through growth stages by building successful teams and a strong culture. Mobilaris has a strong brand and I see a tremendous potential in the company, recognized for its innovative ability to solve real industry challenges through leading technology.”

Making reality of the zero-accidents vision

One of the industry challenges that Mats wants to address is safety. Even though most companies work towards a zero-accidents vision, workforce-related accidents still occur in industrial environments. Despite improved safety awareness, statistics show that injuries with serious and even worse, fatal outcome, keep increasing.

“After about 27 years in the industry, I know there is still much to do to reach zero accidents. I believe that technology development and innovative digital solutions are important keys for industries to succeed in making reality of the zero-harm vision.”

Mats will now be working on scaling Mobilaris’ digital safety solutions on a larger market. The solutions make it possible to, for instance, automate the distribution of critical information and proactively warn people in potentially risky situations. It allows them to take measures to prevent accidents or collisions.

“I have followed Mobilaris closely for several years through the extensive industrial networks I operate in. I’m proud to joining a leading innovative Indtech company that contributes to increased safety and efficiency in heavy industry through digital state-of-the-art solutions.”

Digitalization enables the green industrial transformation

The last years, Northern Sweden has become the center of the green industrial revolution. It is a golden opportunity for our region and the country.  More than 120 billion Euros are being invested, and the goal is to decarbonize industries, including transforming areas such as renewable energy, battery production, and fossil-free steel.

Digitalization and the transformation go hand in hand, and Mobilaris is perfectly positioned to become Northern Scandinavia’s IndTech leader. We have unique digital expertise and a strong portfolio of critical industrial technologies. Also, when identifying needs from the industry, we have the capacity to make strategic mergers and acquisitions to fill the gaps and expand Mobilaris’s offering even further.

“We are amidst the green industrial transformation, and joining Mobilaris at this moment in time is truly inspiring. Together with my new colleagues, I want to contribute to smarter, safer, and more sustainable industries and take Mobilaris to new heights. I also look forward to moving to Luleå and exploring everything this region offers,” concludes Mats.

Indeed, Mats and Mobilaris have exciting times ahead. We will continue growing in Luleå and aim to scale on a global market. We will continue to be brave and curious and continuously challenge ourselves to think in new ways. That will undoubtedly accelerate our technology leadership and provide a better tomorrow.

Expect more to come!

For further information, please contact:

Mats Jakobsson, CEO, Mobilaris AB
Phone +46 (0)70-564 35 53

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