News | 07.06.23

Celsa Nordic towards the zero accidents vision with digital solutions from Mobilaris

Celsa Nordic is one of the leading steel companies in the Nordics and one of Norway’s largest recycling companies. Celsa Nordic and Mobilaris Industrial Solutions has initiated a collaboration to implement Mobilaris digital solutions in Celsa’s reinforcement steel plant in Mo I Rana as a step towards their Zero Accidents Objective.

In Mo i Rana, northern Norway, Celsa Nordic provides the most sustainable and climate-efficient reinforcing steel available in the Nordics, enabled by hydroelectrical power and recycling. Celsa Nordic is part of Celsa Group, one of the leading European multinationals in long steel products with headquarter in Barcelona. The group has more than 120 work centres distributed over nine countries, and operates steel mills, rolling mills, transformer plants, distribution companies, service centers and recycling companies. 

Safety is the number one priority at Celsa, and the company therefore has a strong focus on reducing occupational safety risks. They work towards a clear goal – the Zero Accidents Objective. As a step towards this objective, Celsa has decided to implement digital solutions from Mobilaris Industrial Solutions. With the solution Mobilaris Prevent™, accidents and collisions in industrial environments is avoided by automatically warning people if anything threatens safety, such as closeness to moving vehicles or dangerous equipment.

“We’re continuously working towards improving safety and our goal is to take workforce safety to the next level by making use of innovative digital solutions in our operations. We look forward to the project as we have high expectations on Mobilaris Prevent.” says Øystein Aslaksen, Safety Manager at Celsa.

Mobilaris Prevent™ is a warning and decision support system, based on the precise and fast positioning technology Ultra-Wide Band (UWB). The system provides a complete real-time positioning with <1 m accuracy for personnel, vehicles, and overhead cranes, which improves both productivity and safety. The system delivers warnings, proximity alerts, to both vehicle drivers and people on the floor in the event of a potential collision risk.

“We are very proud of the collaboration with Celsa, which will be our first delivery to Norway. Celsa has a very strong focus on Zero Accidents, and we are happy to contribute in this, as we share the same goal.” says Mattias Lundborg, Sales Director at Mobilaris Industrial Solutions.

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For further information contact

Øystein Aslaksen

Safety Manager, Celsa Armeringsstål AS

+47 40 03 51 38

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