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Mobilaris Prevent™

Safeguarding against dangerous situations in heavy industry— enabling people and machines to work safely and productively together in shared spaces


People and machines working in shared spaces

At industrial worksites people often work with and around heavy machines., with an ever-present risk of serious collisions, with subsequent halts in production. The persistent need for caution also negatively impacts overall productivity.

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Mobilaris Prevent™


Mobilaris Prevent™

Prevent™ is developed for areas at your industrial site where people and machines need to work simultaneously.  It monitors their location, identifies when situations are about to become dangerous and intervenes to prevent harm and disruptions. This increases the safety of your people, allows them to focus on their work and get more done, and safeguards the smooth running of your operations.

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Warning to workers

Workers receive warnings through LED-lightning mounted on their hard-hats if a crane, vehicle, or machine is within hazardous range.

Warning to drivers

Warnings to drivers through tablets visualizing area in 2 or 3D and automated alerts in case of people nearby vehicle or overhead crane.

Creating awareness

Real-time visual support of the area displayed on tablet provides drivers, operators, and workers with situational awareness.

The benefits

Automatically making people aware of potential danger

Save lives

Become aware of potential danger before the accident is a fact via automatic alerts to people close to dangerous areas or machines.

Save time

Allow people to focus on their work and ensure operations with less delays and bottlenecks, while keeping people safe.

Save costs

Every workrelated accident is a tragedy. It’s also a significant cost for companies and society and needs to be prevented.


Automated warnings in case of potential danger

People and machines working in shared environments are equipped with tags sharing location information in real-time. With UWB-anchors installed the area, the location of the tags is detected and identified with high accuracy. Geofences are set up around objects, such as overhead cranes and vehicles, detecting breaches that trigger warnings in case of risk of a collision. The warning alerts are tailored to fit the unique conditions at the site, they can be sent as vibration, sound, or a blinking led-strip attached to a hard hat.

Product vision

Keeping people safe and production running

The most practical , reliable and trusted product for safeguarding against dangerous situations in heavy industry— enabling people and machines to work safely and productively together in shared spaces.

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Our products enable the next stage of evolution in industrial site safety and productivity – built on a solid foundation of Swedish research and development 20 years in the making. Tried and trusted by industries across the globe.

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