Site Coordination

Mobilaris Monitor™

Effortless distribution of essential information and coordination of work in complex and buzy industrial environments

Information and coordination challenges

Who is on site and is work proceeding as planned?

Industrial worksites are busy and complex. Often, it’s difficult to know who’s on site and if work is proceeding as planned. Coordinating personnel, contract entrepreneurs and visitors, ensuring they have the information they need to work safely and productively, is a challenging task.

Mobilaris Monitor™

Site Coordination and Information SharingSite Coordination and Information Sharing

Mobilaris Monitor™

Monitor™ is a product for workspaces where people work side by side on tasks that often affect the safety and productivity of their coworkers. It keeps track of who is on site, where they are working, what they are doing, and how it impacts everybody else. This allows your people to anticipate issues before they occur, solve sudden and unexpected problems quickly, and keep your operations well coordinated and effective.

Digital registration

Digital registration of check in and check out at site, ensuring always updated attendance information.

Ensure authorization

Automated notifications if non-authorized people enter specific areas they’re not supposed to.

Work efficiently

Access personalized information about work orders, scheduling, and risks related to your work.

Create awareness

Find your way, become aware of risks and dangerous areas and solve issues based on up to date information.

The benefits

Increasing transparency and agility in daily operations

Improved safety

Ensure everyone is aware of current risks. Keep track of who is on site, where they are, what they’re doing, and how it impacts everybody else.

Better decisions

Always up to date information efficiently communicated allows everyone to make better decisions based on facts instead of guesses. 

Increased efficiency

Get rid of bottlenecks and costly production disturbances by providing relevant information to get the job done.



Distributing important information in a way everyone understands

Monitor™ ensures the right information to the right people at the right time. Effortless to install and use in daily operations, from entering to exiting the site. Ensure a fast and easy overview of movement and access control of contractors and staff. Visualize and distribute work orders, risks, and other important information in a way everyone understands, regardless of experience level or language.

Product vision

Real-time site coordination for real industry needs

Mobilaris Monitor™ is the most intuitive, visual and empowering product for effortlessly distributing essential information and effectively coordinating work in heavy industry—increasing transparency and agility in daily operations.

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Our products enable the next stage of evolution in industrial site safety and productivity – built on a solid foundation of Swedish research and development 20 years in the making. Tried and trusted by industries across the globe.

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