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Mobilaris Flow™

Find the exact location of materials and equipment at your industry or construction worksite, ensuring that work runs smoothly and is completed on time. Fast and easy – all in just one click

Intralogistic challenges

Where are the materials and equipment I need to get my work done?

At industrial worksites, valuable time is wasted searching for materials, tools and equipment needed to get work done. This can significantly hurt a project ’s timeline and budget.

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Mobilaris Flow™ powered by Wittra IoT


Mobilaris Flow™ powered by Wittra IoT

Find the location of materials and equipment you need to get your work done in time. Mobilaris Flow™ powered by Wittra IoT is built for indoor and outdoor industrial environments where things are often hard to find. It collects and stores information on where items are located and monitors their movement and condition over time. This allows your team to quickly find things, and use them as intended when needed to keep your projects moving forward.

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Updated location tracking

Find the latest updated location and status of the items you’re searching for, just by a click.

Superior visualization

Location visualized in a site map, making it easy to find your way, regardless of how familiar your are with the area.

Powerful search

With a powerful search function, it’s effortless to search for materials, tools, and equipment.

Attach photos and files

Easily attach photos or documents to your items, for easy identification and verification.

The benefits

Transforming non-value added time to production

Operational efficiency

Ensure production within time and budget by getting rid of bottlenecks and non-value added time searching for materials, tools and equipment.

Capital utilization

Ensure that tools and equipment at site are being used efficiently, and not purchased again due to difficulties finding them. 

Save labour costs

Find materials faster than by using manual methods.  Avoid costly delays for personnel and contractors waiting to get their work done.

How it works

Tag. Search. Find.

Connecting and locating what you need to get your job done has never been easier. Easily tag the material with a sensor and if needed, attach photos for easy item identification and verification. Store the material and once you need to trace it, use the powerful search function that provides you with the location clearly visualized for easy navigation.

  1. Tag the items and scan tag with your smart phone.
  2. When the items are needed, use the search function.
  3. Find the item clearly visualized on the site map.
Product vision

Effortless indoor and outdoor materials and asset tracking

Mobilaris Flow™ powered by Wittra is the most useful  and convenient product for keeping track of materials and assets at industry and construction worksites – ensuring that work runs smoothly and is completed on time.

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Our products enable the next stage of evolution in industrial site safety and productivity – built on a solid foundation of Swedish research and development 20 years in the making. Tried and trusted by industries across the globe.

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