Site-wide sensing and positioning

Mobilaris Companion™

Indoor and outdoor positioning and sensing capabilities that enable digital solutions with many users across large, tough and complex industrial environments


The need for multiple technologies makes digitalization projects complicated

Providing solutions to all challenges in industrial environments require a variety of different IoT technologies. But workers already carry a lot of equipment and don’t want to carry even more. What if a single device would provide all the capabilities to handle it all?

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Mobilaris Companion™


Mobilaris Companion™

Companion™ is a IoT solution for the challenges in heavy industry that require location and environmental
data. It monitors users’ movements, location and surrounding environment , and makes the data readily available to third-party applications. Additionally, it provides users with interfaces for notifications and alerts. These features allow for the creation of new digital solutions to difficult human-related challenges in industry involving many people and vast worksites.

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All about data

Key enablers of smart industry


With high-frequency update rate per second and low latency, our IoT-solutions are adapted for critical real-time applications.


We provide precise positional accuracy to determine location as well as environmental factors in day-to-day industrial operations.


With UWB and other critical radio technologies, we offer superior reliability and safety, free from interference issues.

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Elevate the potential of your digital investments

Based on more than 20 years of digital transformation in various industries, our Locating & Sensing IoT solution offers a scalable, high-performing platform that elevates the potential of any digitalization project, making the deployment effortless, and ensuring maximum return of investment .

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Product vision

Enabling exceptional digital solutions for many users across large industrial areas

The most versatile, appropriate and useful product for providing site-wide positioning and sensing capabilities that enable exceptional human-centric digital solutions with many users across large, tough and complex industrial environments.

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Our products enable the next stage of evolution in industrial site safety and productivity – built on a solid foundation of Swedish research and development 20 years in the making. Tried and trusted by industries across the globe.

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Technology from Mobilaris Industrial Solutions elevates safety during maintenance work

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Celsa Nordic towards the zero accidents vision with digital solutions from Mobilaris

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Mobilaris IoT lösningar implementeras när Boliden satsar på framtidens fossilfria gruvdrift

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