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Generating real-time data on positioning, movements, and surroundings. Made to work in the toughest industrial environments.

Today many industries are being digitalized to get work done smarter, safer, and more efficiently. As modern technology is key for digital transformation, access to reliable real-time data is the foundation on which to build the digital solutions.

Introducing Mobilaris Locating & Sensing™ – the backbone of your industrial transformation.

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Mobilaris Companion™

Mobilaris Companion™

Introducing full site coverage with seamless positioning functionality indoors and outdoors.

Mobilaris Companion™ is a unique IoT solution developed to pinpoint the position of people, vehicles, and moving assets. It also allows you to keep track of people’s movements and surroundings, and to send notifications to people at the site and receive communication back. 

Companion™ is IP67 classified, making it suited for tough industrial environments.

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Mobilaris Precision™

Mobilaris Precision™

Empowering safer industries with high precision UWB-based indoor positioning data.

Based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB), Precision™ is developed to determine and communicate real-time data on distance, movements and positions of machines, people and vehicles with very high precision and reliability. The solution allows you to send notifications to people at the site, and receive communication back.

Based on the latest positioning technology, Precision™ is the perfect solution for gathering data for critical safety solutions.

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Key enablers of smart industry


With high-frequency update rate per second and low latency, our IoT-solutions are adapted for critical real-time applications.


We provide precise positional accuracy to determine location as well as environmental factors in day-to-day industrial operations.


With UWB and other radio technologies, we offer superior reliability and safety, free from interference issues with other radio waves.

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Based on more than 20 years of digital transformation in various industries, our Locating & Sensing IoT solution offers a scalable, high-performing platform that elevates the potential of any digitalization project, making the deployment effortless, and ensuring maximum return of investment .

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