Mobilaris Companion™

Complex safety is now simple.

For decades, the heavy industry has faced hard-fought safety challenges. We are glad to say that those days are over. Mobilaris Industrial Solutions presents Companion™, the most advanced multipurpose safety device ever made. Codeveloped with Ericsson and Sigma Connectivity.

Welcome to the industrial safety revolution.

Minimalistic design,
groundbreaking technology.

Mobilaris Companion™ is a small yet powerful friend. The 5G-ready device uses UWB, GPS BLE, LTE and NFC to pinpoint the position of people, vehicles, and moving assets, with the same accuracy inside and outside.

Full site coverage is now wireless.

Your Companion™ is equipped with an Ultra Wideband chip for high precision distance measurements and positional accuracy. The chip is specifically designed for heavy industry and can trigger local proximity warnings on every Companion™ or software application at the site. And with LTE communication, digital workforce safety no longer requires expensive infrastructure inside or outside a building.

Take comfort
in safety.

Companion™ can be connected to personal warning signals, auto-generate text messages and other smart functions, based on the industrial environment. It weighs less than a headlamp and has a built-in buzzer function for quick alerts.

Soak it. Heat it.
Drop it. Freeze it.

The Companion™ is made to survive in the toughest industrial environments. It is IP67 classified, making it waterproof, shock resistant, and withstands temperatures between -20 to +60 °C. Good luck trying.

Keep both feet
on the ground.

The 3D accelerometer measures movement and velocity to protect people from sudden impact. And the gyroscope works as a man-down alert, indicating your orientation in real-time, if you should trip or fall.

With four unique sensors, your Companion™ automatically reacts to dangerous gas emissions, humidity levels, barometric pressure, and temperature. Stay out of harm’s way and use the collected data to make work work environment improvements.

Smooth system

Companion™ easily integrates with other products from the Mobilaris product portfolio. By collecting data from your access control system, sensors, machines and vehicles, we provide you with a full-scale picture of the site.

Because seeing is knowing.

Situational Awareness

It’s now possible to know what is happening at the facility without being there. Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ collects data from infrastructure already in place and lets you see the whole industrial workplace on a real-time 3D map.

Available in the operator’s room, vehicle tablets and on every co-worker’s smartphone.

Proximity Warning System

It’s time to react on what you see, and what you can’t. With Mobilaris Proximity Warning System™, drivers, machine operators, and co-workers receive a warning if there is a risk of a collision.

Set up geofences around certain objects and areas to trigger warning signals during trespassing.

Connect to Industry 4.0

Every Companion™ is seamlessly connected to a management and analytics system. With data and positions being shared in real-time, between people and machines, it is easy to keep safe and make the right decision. And with 5G and UWB, everything is faster and more precise than ever.

Collect real-time information

Companion™ gathers data from people, vehicles and machines. By the use of UWB it has precise positional accuracy.

Reduced infrastructure costs

You do not need any bulky or expensive infrastructure with Mobilaris Companion™, as it uses wireless broadbands to transmit data.

Industry adaptable

We design unique alerts based on your requirements and the industrial environment – darkness, noice level, heat etc.

The digitalization trio
behind Companion™

Companion™ stems from a unique development partnership between Mobilaris, Ericsson and Sigma Connectivity. We have combined our areas of expertise. Workforce safety. 5G. Internet of Things. And now Mobilaris Industrial Solutions brings you Companion™, a Swiss army knife for digitalization.

Join the safety
revolution today.

It is time to enter Industry 4.0, and Mobilaris Companion™ is ready to lead the way. Please contact us to book a meeting and learn more about the industrial safety revolution.

Learn more about Companion™

Mobilaris Companion™ is stacked with smart features and functions. If you want to learn more about the device and how to digitalize your workforce safety, please visit the product page for more information.

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