Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence™


Real-time work workforce safety

Our product portfolio Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence includes various products that are interconnected and enable multiple functions and possibilities for industrial companies. All information is easily accessible and can be visualized in the operation center as well as in workers’ mobile devices – automating safety and affecting production efficiency.

  • Mobilaris Situational Awareness™

    Mobilaris Situational Awareness provides reliable real-time information of the whole site with 3D visualization based on real-time location data.

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  • Mobilaris Geofencing™

    Set up rules and virtual fences to proactively increase safety at your industrial site, allowing you to send alerts people if violations of the rules are made.

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  • Mobilaris Lone Worker Supervision™

    Our lone worker solution combined with smart tags make every worker safe, even when working alone at remote places. An invisible friend to ensure safety!

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  • Mobilaris PocketFactory™

    Mobilaris PocketFactory allows any worker to use real-time information for accurate decision-making right in their own mobile device.

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  • Mobilaris Emergency Support™

    Emergency support includes tools for rescue leaders, warning alerts and monitoring of rescue and evacuation progression.

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  • Mobilaris Proximity Alert™

    Our Proximity warning system warns people if there is a risk for collision, which is one of the most frequent accidents leading to severe injuries and death.

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