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Our approach

How to digitalize your operations

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    Think big - implement small - move fast

    The first step is to define your long-term goals and the company’s vision. Remember, digitalization is only a tool to get you there – going digital is not a goal in itself. Then, start by smaller, efficient implementations and scale up with time.

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    Choose a technology agnostic approach

    Pick a partner who believes in openness and develops products with the very same approach. This translates into a customer driven development and an ability to adapt to unique industrial environments over time.

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    Implement metrics as a start

    Knowing your baseline is critical for your improvement. By analyzing data about where and when accidents happen you will have a much better chance improving those numbers.

Our approach

Mobilaris decision support system is technology-agnostic; supporting a multitude of technologies such as Wi-Fi (any vendor, any Wi-Fi tags), RFID (active/passive), Ultra Wide Band, Bluetooth, GPS as well as positioning using Mobile Networks. This allows us to utilize the most cost-efficient technology to locate personnel, vehicles and equipment at any time.


Designed to work in a multiple technology environment

Positioning and communication can be set up in a number of different ways. What works best in one plant is not necessarily the best choice in another. Beyond that, certain technology may already be installed and in use. Because of this, the Mobilaris system is easy integrated; it will seamlessly funnel data from multiple source technologies (business systems, sensors etc.) into one decision support system.

Easy roll-out

Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence is a customer-driven revolution, seamlessly integrated and operating with existing systems and processes. Introduced step-by-step, our experts support you from analysis to implementation and operation. Designed to suit everybody, the platform is easily deployed on different devices with full information control and personal integrity.

Protecting people and data

By default, all personal data is locked in the system and the only information visualized are anonymized tag icons. It is also possible to not visualize any information at all.

The data can only be unlocked by certified safety managers in case of emergency, when there is a need for evacuation and finding out who is in danger and who is safe.

When unlocking the personal data, the safety managers need to use a personal login and the activities are logged with date, time and reason for unlocking the system that enables after following review.

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