Mobilaris Situational Awareness™

Situational Awareness from Mobilaris provides real-time location-based 3D visualization of your industrial workplace, which can be seen from control rooms, tablets, or smartphones. Based on real-time information, alarms and notifications can be triggered, and Mobilaris Situational Awareness makes it possible to see what is happening around the facility without being there. This real-time data and visualization make better decision-making possible, which leads to a safer and more productive workplace. Seeing is knowing!

Our unique technology-agnostic approach allows real-time location, tracking, and monitoring vehicles, personnel, and equipment by using a mixture of technologies (LTE, WiFi, UWB, NFC, GPS, and other proprietary technologies) from various vendors. This means that you do not have to invest in new infrastructure or hardware since Mobilaris Situational Awareness collects useful data from systems and sensors already in place.

Information from various systems or sensors can be visible on the same screen and tailored for each industrial site.

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