Mobilaris Emergency Support™

Get everyone to safety quickly

In the event of an emergency, you must get everyone – employees, contractors, and visitors – to safety quickly and in a controlled manner. Access to real-time information about the location of everyone on the site gives you full control over a potentially stressful emergency evacuation.

Mobilaris Emergency Support is a toolbox that allows rescue personnel to organize rescue operations and focus on the most critical tasks. Our evacuation support has proven that the evacuation time can be reduced to a third, with everyone making it safely to the muster point.

People in evacuation zones can be instantly notified of the situation and told how to evacuate. All necessary information is visualized in a 3D map on a web browser and supplemented by safety status lists on the screen.

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We look forward to helping you reach the Zero Accidents Vision. Contact us to learn more about Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence and how our solutions can solve your site's safety challenges.

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