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We are an international product company with our heart in Luleå, Sweden. Within these walls, our people are creating best-in-class software solutions that digitalize operations to protect people and the planet, while increasing productivity. At Mobilaris, you always work close to our customers even though they’re located all around the world. Get to know them and their businesses, develop solutions and watch your work make their operations more efficient and safer.

Together with your team, you will be working with innovative products and be able to make a real difference for people and industries. We offer you flexibility and good opportunities to influence the development of both the company and yourself. We always try to keep a short distance between ideas and decisions to drive development forward. And of course, we have a whole lot of fun together!

Welcome to the World of Mobilaris.

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What to expect

You kept scrolling, didn’t you? Great! In that case, here are some of our favorite perks when it comes to the Mobilaris family.

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    Feel the difference - make a difference!

    It is a challenging job to both keep people safe while increase productivity, but we do enjoy the feeling of making a real difference. No matter if you are a developer or project manager, you will have a major impact on improving our customer’s operations.

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    The Mixture

    Mobilaris is built upon a diversity of people, ideas and cultures. We think it is the best way to operate a successful global business. We also keep the creativity flowing by great teamwork, a variety of tasks and letting your ideas shape our development.

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    Success by learning

    We think our team is the best. So, you are going to learn from the best. Mobilaris consists of people with unique skills, talents and experiences. We hope you've got some of those as well!

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    Make your mark

    It is the people at Mobilaris that drive development forward. As our colleague, you and your team play an important part in innovation and cracking that new – maybe revolutionizing – idea.

Our way of thinking

At Mobilaris, there are some things we value a little bit extra. For us, these following principles are absolute and what we genuinely believe in. If you want to be a part of the team, you should too!

Culture of innovation, teamwork and trust.

We believe that innovation, trust and teamwork are fundamental building blocks for moving forward and impacting the world in a positive way. Without trust there can be no teamwork, and without teamwork there is no innovation. Even if we are productive on our own, we are more creative — more innovative — together.


For us, this value translates into many different variables. We are transparent towards each other and our customers, we are technology-agnostic, and we believe that information should be available for everybody at any time.

Be good. Do good. 

We believe that you got to be good to do good, especially with a promise to deliver technology that protects people and the planet. It is the very essence of Mobilaris and something that everybody takes to heart. With that said, be good to each other! 

The super necessary FAQ

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    Isn’t Luleå the best place to live in?

    You’re absolutely right! We’ve got all four seasons and the nature is only one step away - perfect for a variety of outdoor activities! Honestly, it’s pretty much the perfect town with the sea, university, sports, restaurants and… Mobilaris, of course.

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    International you say. How international?

    We’re glad you’re asking! In our office we have many nationalities represented and as far as our customers goes, they can be found in various countries, on every continent! So, pretty damn international.

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    Do you ever leave the office?

    Of course! Our colleagues get to travel a lot in work – national and international flights. In winter time, we love to go down to the ice road (yes, an ice road!) for a walk or ice skating. What else? Oh right! And we try to hit the gym together every week. So, since we work out so much, we get to eat a lot of fika… at the office!

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    You said you save lives. How?

    For instance, by using solutions from Mobilaris, workers are automatically warned about potential danger before the accident is a fact and in the case of an emergency, they are instantly informed about the situation and can easily find the way to safety. You should check out our movies if you want to know how it all works!

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