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Industrial challenges

Towards the zero vision

Ensuring safety at large and complex industrial sites is challenging. Even though most companies work towards a zero-accident vision, accidents with serious outcomes still happen. Workforce safety is an issue that concerns us all. Everyone should have the right to come home safe from work. Accidents are not only devastating for the people involved but also the costs for companies and society. Industries are working hard towards a zero accidents vision – our vision is to help companies achieve this.


Workforce related injuries by the numbers

The reality is, accidents do happen. Every day thousands of workers, foreign entrepreneurs, and visitors move around in the dispersed sites where unwanted situations can arise. Our goal is to make sure that people can come home safe from work every day and bring today’s numbers down.

  • 3552
    lethal workforce related injuries in Europe.

  • €1,2 m
    is the cost per deadly work-related accident.

  • 178
    work-related accidents happen every 15 seconds.

Maximize your workforce safety

Mobilaris Industrial Solutions enables a safer and more efficient workplace by preventing accidents and enabling accurate decision making in dangerous situations. Our system provides real-time information about the whole site – including people, vehicles, machines, equipment, and work areas – all day, every day.

Create awareness of what is happening on the site, know where people and equipment are located. If anything happens, take control of the situation by warning co-workers and instruct people in potential danger.

Insight is key
  • person-location
    Operational workforce safety

    We offer situational awareness by collecting real-time positions of people and assets. Handle dangerous situations effectively with tools for emergency messaging and faster evacuations.

  • map
    Proactive workforce safety

    Handle a potential danger before a serious matter occurs where people risk being injured. We make this possible with solutions as our proximity warnings, anti-collision system, and geofencing.

  • project-status-visualisation
    Continuous safety improvements

    The more information you gather via our solutions, the more you can improve safety. Use the data to create insights about weak safety spots to continuously improve your workforce safety.

Eliminate situations that threaten safety

Almost every industrial company have existing and well developed company safety plans. By adding digital solutions to the safety plan, workforce safety can reach new levels, enabling companies to keep all employees and entrepreneurs safe at work.

Our product portfolio, Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence, provides a decision support platform made to increase the awareness of the situation, helping people to respond and make the right decisions even in stressful situations. To take safety even further, our digital solutions can also be implemented as a preventive measures to eliminate situations that threatens safety.

With Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence, valuable time can be saved by making incident reporting quick and easy. Also, by collecting important real-time data valuable information will be available for analysis, follow up and planning of preventive measures.

Made to fit any technology with seamless integrations

Our products are developed with ease of use as a priority and are made to fit your operations no matter the current infrastructure. Introduced step-by-step, our experts support you from analysis to implementation and operation.

  • computer


    Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence™ is an open platform that allows integration to already existing systems, sensors, and alarms.

  • paper-plane


    Our products are always implemented step by step to ensure that you and you colleagues make use of your new digital solutions as you go.

  • award


    Our products collect data from current systems. You don't have to invest in costly hardware and infrastructure.

  • smartphone-map

    Web applications

    Digital solutions running as web applications, a great advantage for easy upgrades and updates.

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